Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monitoring Your Game Plan Progress

        Since last weeks Game Plan update, I have made some progress on finding engaging real world application projects.  I am still waiting on feedback about future advisory meeting and topics discussed.

Robotic arm powered by hydraulics:  Last week, I discovered a balsa wood robotic arm with hydraulics in storage. The hydraulics consist of a series of hosed and syringes.  I have taken multiple pictures for future visual aides for use during the project.  This will provide all students a chance to see the finish project.  I have since, deconstructed the robotic arm to create a list of parts and blueprints. For this project, I will create a working set of blueprints for students that need guidance or complete this activity.  Students that excel at designing and understand the drafting process, I will allow them to use the drawings as starting point while creating their own design.

Knee Replacement Joint:  I am thinking about placing this project on the shelf for time being.  These projects are time consuming. Every project that I assign my students, I always draft and build the project ahead of time. This allows me to answer most questions or issue that each student may encounter.  I am shifting my focus to completing a very accurate and detailed project that my students and complete. 

        Over the past week, I have also spent approximately four hours learning how to set up the 3D printer and various options.  This has been a very exciting and frustrating process. Fortunately, I believe that I have figured out majority of the issued that I have encountered. 


  1. Jeremy,
    What a cool GAME plan you have. I like all of the visuals that you are incorporating into your classroom. Your students are lucky to have you. Are most of your students visual learners?
    I can only imagine what it is like to be able to use a 3d printer. How fun!
    It appears that you are well on your way to accomplishing your GAME plan.
    Keep up the great work,
    Shannan McCreary

  2. Shannan,

    Thanks for the kind words. As for your question, I really don't have any clue if most of my students are visual learners. I have always used tons of visual aids in my lessons. I figured that most of the students prior knowledge of the material is limited. This allows them to see what they are doing. The 3D printer is awesome but frustrating. I've had to reprint several pieces because of warping or disconnecting from the printing table during the process. 3D printing is a long process. All the pieces that I have done so far have taken over an hour.

  3. It sounds like you are well on your way. I like how you have the plans for some students that might need it and are offering the others to go with their own ability. That is a great way of modifying the work. Good luck with all the 3D printing!

  4. I have friend that are involved in robodic at their high schools. The different departments with in the high school work together to have students do projects. They have businesses classes write grants to help pay for the projects, and the kids really get involved in it. The only things is that it is a whole school buy in. The kids love it and it applies the skills that they are learning in class.
    I think that the projects you are thinking of are great, and they are motivating for kids to really learn the standards.

    Brandon F.