Friday, October 19, 2012

        Dr. Thornburg stated that educators should challenge students educationally by incorporating technology into their lessons that maximizes student engagements and learning potential.  After the completion of this course, I took time to reflect on the information and technology discussed. I have benefited from the exposure to technology, such as Wikispaces, blogs and podcast; and the various possibilities to integrate them into my classroom setting and lessons. As a teacher that takes pride in "thinking outside of the box", I found myself being stubborn and being narrow minded.
        My views have changed on the technology discussed, and have started developing lessons that incorporate blogs and pod casts. My openness to new ideas and flexibility in utilizing new technology has allowed me to continue to practice a facilitators teaching style. I believe digital native student's knowledge of current technology allows them to explore information and apply their knowledge using various forms of media.
Integrating Technology Goals (2 years):
        As I strive to become a professional educator, I must continue to expand my technological pallet and integrate my knowledge into my classroom.  Educating myself through workshops and online tutorials, I can develop an understanding of the technology and begin to apply the knowledge into my personal and professional routines.  During my personal exploration and learning stage, I can determine if the technology can be utilized and to what extent.  If the technology is available, I must validate the purchase of the equipment by creating lessons that promote higher level thinking, maximize student engagement and develop skills used in industry.