Monday, December 3, 2012



VoiceThread is online media is an online collaboration resources that has the ability to transform traditional classroom projects into online learning experiences that can be access anywhere around the world.   The instructor or student has the ability to load a document, voice recording or video and allow from feedback or collaboration from others.  VoiceTread is a great tool if internet and computer resources are available and easily accessible.
VoiceTread can be incorporated into Career and Technical Education (CTE) but it might require some creative thinking to incorporate the technology.  The project that I feel can use the VoiceThread technology would be my Woodworking “Catapult” project.  During the course of the project, I have the student’s research different designs and sketch various versions (catapult and trebuchet).  Students could upload their images, then collaborate with their peers on which design would produce the best siege machine and why.  Once the collaborating is complete, they can produce presentation of the design they chosen and explain why their design is worthy.
During the group collaboration, the instructor and review the information being discussed and provide feedback. This virtual document can also be used as notes or a future presentation. Overall, I think VoiceThread and bring life to an exhausted lesson and provide students to 21st Century Technology skills.

Reverse Engineering the "Tool Box" project:

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