Monday, December 17, 2012


My personal theory on how individuals learn is based off my observations of other educators during my education as a student and my six years of classroom experience as a teacher.  I believe students learning potential is obtained when you design lessons that challenge learners of all cognitive levels. Lesson design should spark student interest, fun and engaging and connect with real world application.  Successful lessons should incorporate 21st Century Technology; have a healthy balance of lecture / demonstration and engaging assignments or projects.  Lessons that apply multiple layers of learning experiences will strengthen the individual ability to retain and recall the information discussed (Laureate Education, Inc. 2010).  This course has given me opportunity to revisit theories that I learned during my undergraduate classes and learn about new technologies that can help students’ bridge the gap to the 21st Century work force.
Looking back at the technology discuss in this course compared to the technology that I currently use in my routines and lessons, I really don’t the overwhelming need to update my resources. Resources like Voicethread are great for allowing student to discuss the assignment digitally from any location around the world with internet connection. This technology can be used in a classroom room setting or in industry.  Personally, I can see the benefits of using Voicethread, but I’m not in a hurry to make the conversion from PowerPoint and an open discussion format. I believe today’s students are digitals natives and are very experienced with communicating with others via social media outlets, cell phones and emails.  I believe at this young age, students should still learn to communicate in person and
Another resource that I may incorporate in my lessons is “Virtual Field Trips”. Using the online resource to organize the information, students can develop “Virtual Field Trips” ranging from architecture to power tool safety tips and educational videos.  This gives the students the opportunity to exposure new technology and documents their findings in a presentation type format.

Long term goals: I will continue to use all to the technology that I currently have available in my classrooms. If new technology is presents, such as Voicethread, I will determine if my students can benefit from the technology or if the reward is worth the effort in converting to the new technology.

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